London Foot Clinic

Emergency Care: Painful Conditions
Diabetic foot care: Checks for blood supply, sensation
Preventative care and advise
Ulcer care
Charcot joints
Surgical drainage
Insoles, casting to relieve pressure
Arthritic and Rheumatological conditions, gout etc: Foot and ankle pain
Arch and heel pain
Treatment of foot deformations
Sports Injuries:

Soft tissue and bone pain
Shin splints and Achilles' tendon problems
Over use injuries
Sprains and strains
Biochemical Examination
Computer video gait analysis
Sports specific Orthoses
Preventative care
Links with Multi disciplinary team

Bio-Mechanics: Postural pain
Occupation related disorders
Off the shelf quality products
Custom made Orthoses
Using latest technology and treatment concepts
To treat foot, ankle, knee hip back pain
related to abnormal foot functions
Homeopathy: Marigold therapy for skin, nail, bone conditions
Sports injuries and trauma
Nerve pain and neuropathy
Children's foot problems: Curley toes
Foot shape problems, flat feet
Foot pain
Knee pain
Gait problems
Serial casting, Orthoses
Pain relief: Therapeutic laser
Electo acupuncture therapy
H.Wave therapy
Continuing care: Corns, callous
Nail conditions
Skin Conditions
Verrucae treatments
Surgical care: Ingrowing toe nails
Verrucae and corn excisions
Bunions and Hammer toe
Bone spurs, claw toes
Arthritic joints
Cysts and Ganglians
Lumps and bumps
Heel spurs and Fascittis
Where to find us:
London Foot Clinic
180 High Road
NW10 2PB

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Tel: 0208 459 3375
Contact: Nayan Patel
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